Maternity Pack

$30.00 incl. GST

Sold per pack. Each pack contains . This listing is for a single sampling pack. For bulk orders you can save even more money by purchasing our single/double box options.
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per pack


1 x box of Nappy Sacks (NappySaxs)
1 x Packet large wipes (1571)
1 x Packet travel wipes (1586B)
2 x Bedmats Only (8396)
1 x Packet of 4-9kg nappies (8252)
1 x Packet Cotton Pantyliners (0028)
1 x Packet Normal Pantyliners (0026)
1 x Packet Normal Pads (0600)
1 x Packet maxi Night Pads (0604)

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Weight 8.33 kg


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